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Dotted Pattern Effect

1. Create a new image: 400x350 pixels, with a Transparent background and a resolution of 72. Rename this layer "background".

2. Press CTRL + D to reset the colors.

3. Select the shape you want to use. If you do not have one already, create a new shape. Either use the Select tool and create it that way, or choose the Shape Tool, and select the custom shape. Make it about half of the size of the image, and place it directly in the center. My shape looks like this:

4. Now Select the shape. CTRL click on the layer that contains the shape. Now go to the Channel tab.

5. Now create a new Alpha Channel:

You should see a selection of your shape.

6. Now fill the selection of your shape with white, as the only two colors that are allowed are white and black.

7. Now Deselect your shape (CTRL + D). Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Use something similar to these settings so your shape blurs as much as you want. Remember, the more blurry the edges, the more the length of the dots from the object.

8. Now go to Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone. The bigger the the Max. (pixel) Radius the bigger the dots are going to be. I used 9.

Here's what your image might look like:

9. Now select the Alpha Channel (CTRL + click it). Go back to the layer tab (with the selection still selected).

10. Make a new layer and put it under the shape layer. Call it "Dots". Choose the color you want to fill in the dots with, and set it to your Foreground color. Now go to Edit > Fill, and choose Foreground Color.

It might look like this:

11. Now Deselect (CTRL + D). You're Done! Your final product might look something like this:

(click the image to make it bigger)

Tutorial made by PimpmyCom.
Thank you and I hope I've helped.

PimpMyCom.Com 2011