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Making A Brushset pt. I

In this tutorial you will be learning how to make your own brushset! The example I will be making is a Leaves brush. This is Part I of a two-part tutorial. If you already read this part of the tutorial, see Part II, or click here. Enjoy.

1) Create a new document however big you'd like your brush to be. I chose 100x100. Make sure your resolution is 72 and your background is Transparent.

2) Press "D" to reset your colors. Rename "Layer 1" to "brush".

3) Here we're going to create our shape. You can do this a number of different ways, by making a selection in the shape of whatever you want, or create an actual shape, or by drawing it freehand with the brush or pencil tool. I'm sure there are more, and I'm only going to go over how to create a shape using the Polygon Lasso Tool. Here we go, select that tool. click on your image, anywhere where you want your first point to be, I usually click where it seems most relavant to me at the time, although I usually end up starting at the top middle area of my image.

4) Next, just outline the shape that you want. I made a leaf.

5) Now that you have a selection of your shape...

...You can go ahead and fill it with plain black. Make sure your colors are default- Black as foreground, White as background- (if you are unsure press the "D" key to reset them to default) and then press ALT + BACKSPACE to fill your selection with black.

(You should probably deselect your canvas before continuing to the next step. If you are unsure how to do this, just press CTRL + D.)

6) The last step in this part of the tutorial is this. Go to Edit > Define Brush. You should have your own brush! Isn't that cool?! Haha, just kiddin'. But seriously, how easy was that?

7) You are done (with this part at least...)! Continue to part II to complete this tutorial. To do so, click here.

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