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Realistic Wood Texture

1) Create a new document. Rename the background layer to "1". Press CTRL + D to reset the colors.

2) Change your forground color to a light yellow color. I chose "# E1D88A". Fill layer "1" with this color.

3) Now change your forground color to a yellow slightly darker than the previous yellow. I chose "# D7CD7A". Create a new layer and call it "2". Grab your brush tool with a width of about 65. Make sure it's the soft round brush. Choose a brush width depending on the size of your document, but make sure it's between about 45-100. Again, I chose 65.

4) Okay, now that you have your brush selected with the right forground color and brush size, make a few small brushstrokes that might look like the grains of wood. If you are stumped, see my example below.

5) Create a new layer. Call it "3". Now change your forground color to a darker yellow color. I chose "# BFB675". Outline your previous brushstrokes kind of out-of-the-lines. See below:

6) Create another layer. Call this one "4". Change your brush to the hard round brush and change its size to 1px. Make semi-long, straight lines across your document.

7) Create a layer. Name it "5". Choose a new forground color that's a dark brown. I chose "# 524D21". Make sure the brush is still the hard round, 1px brush, and outline the brushstrokes you made in Step 5. Make sure your brushstrokes, this time, are rather short, but still straight, and clustered together. This is what I have come up with:

8) You're done! Here's my final product:

(Click the image to make it bigger)

...Don't be alarmed that it might not look as good as you might've imagined. This tutorial walked you through the process of creating the wood texture, but you might have to play around with it some more. It generally tends to look better when scaled down, so try resizing your final product smaller. If it is too small, try making it again with a bigger starting canvas size, that way it'll be a little bit bigger when you resize it. Again, just play around with things. Well, good luck, hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks for reading.

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