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One Pixel Border

step 1
Welcome to Pimp My Com’s Photoshop Basics tutorials. In this tutorial you will learn how to add a one pixel border to an image. Maybe you’ve created a forum signature or avatar and it’s too plain, you’re about to learn how to give it that quick and simple touch.
step 2
First off, create a new layer. Now on that layer go to the Tools Palette. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool. Now wait a second, and click on it again, but this time hold down the mouse button. A little menu should pop up that looks like this. Hover the item that says Single Row Marquee Tool, and let go on this option (selecting this tool). Make sure that the Option (under the File, Edit, Image, etc. menus) “New Selection” is selected (so that this selection clears any other selection that might be selected (however if you think you may still have a selection selected hold the CTRL key and press the ‘D’ key)). Now click anywhere on your document and hold down the mouse button. Drag the mouse all the way up to the top of your image, and let go (make a selection) at the very top of your image. When you make the selection, it should look like this. Now where you clicked on “New Selection” (on the menu below File, Edit, Image, etc.), click on “Add To Selection.” The button that looks like this. Now click and drag on your image but drag and make a selection at the bottom of your screen. I hope you’re catching on. You want to be making 1 pixel selections on the outside of your image. Now, refer back to your Tool Palette. Click and hold the Marquee Tool, and choose the Single Column Marquee Tool (it’s under the Single Row Marquee Tool in the Tools Palette). Click and drag to the left, then let go (make the selection. Then click and drag to the right. Your image should look something like this when you’re done. Now that you’ve got your selection (of 1 pixel on the outer perimeter of your image), go to Edit > Fill. A box should pop up. Choose Black, or White, or whatever color you want your border to be. Or, you can choose a custom color in your Tools Palette and then in the “Edit > Fill” menu, choose Foreground or Background color. If you don’t like the border, fill it again, or hide the layer. I hope this tutorial has helped.

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