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Linking And Hiding Layers

step 1
To begin, create a new document.

Create a new layer. Call it “box” or something. Grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool...

...and make a square selection anywhere on your document (keep the box proportional by holding SHIFT while making the selection). Fill it with any color you like. I chose a light blue. Now create a new layer and call it “ball” or whatever you like. Grab the Circular Marquee Tool...

...and make a new selection. Make sure you have layer “ball” selected before filling the layer with another color. I chose green. Observe:

and there you have it. Now deselect the selection (Go to Select > Deselect). Continuing....
step 2
Choose the move tool...

...and select layer “ball” by clicking on it in the Layers Palette. Now click and drag around the circle, just to get the hang of it. Now select the layer “box” and do the same. Good. Now go back to layer “ball”. Now look over to the Layers Palette and click on the checkbox next to the eye on layer “box” (see the image below for reference)...

...and select the move tool again. Now move around layer “ball” and notice how it moves layer “box” as well.
step 3
If you make a new layer and draw all over it or something but don’t necessarily want it show up at the moment (say it’s big and is obstructing your view of the rest of the image or something) then click on that layer’s Eye checkbox in the Layers Palette. See below...

...Notice when you click there the entire contents of the layer hides (it’s still there, but it just isn’t shown). You can click there again to unhide the layer so it shows up again.
step 4

Thank you for reading....
This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have a better understanding of how to Link/Unlink and Hide/Unhide layers. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please E-Mail us by going to the Contact page.

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