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Fog Lights

step 1
create a new document, whatever size you want is fine, but for this tutorial i used 400 X 400 with white background.

step 2
give your new document a dark color, not nessesarily black, but something dark ,like a dark blue like shown here.

step 3
create a new layer. you can do that by clicking on the "create a new layer" icon on your layers window.

once your new layer is created , make sure its selected and lets move on to the cool part.

step 4
on your keyboard press D then press X to reset your colors to white and black. then on the tools panel select the gradient tool. choose the properties i marked on the image bellow, when you're ready drag 2 lines on your canvas untill you get an X like you see on this picture.

gradient picker = foreground to transparent.
gradient type = reflected gradient.
gradient mode = darken.

step 5
next add some radial blur to your X to make it seem more like a light glow. you can do this by going to filter - blur - radial blur.
set the amount to 20.
once that's done, now we need to mask our X so the edges fade out. click on the "add layer mask" icon on the layers window.

now go back to the gradient tool and choose the setting shown bellow.

gradient picker = foreground to background.
gradient type = radial gradient.
gradient mode = darken.

when you're ready ,drag a like from the middle of the X out. that should mask our X.

step 6
now the fog...
create a new layer, if you dont remember how just follow step 3.
with your new layer selected, go to filter - render - clouds. on the layers window, set the opacity to 30. now finally on your keyboard press ctrl+L to adjust the levels, once the level window pops up, click on the "auto" button and you're done.

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