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Little Devil Emoticons

Welcome to Part III of the Emoticon Series tutorials here at Pimp My Com. To begin, create a new document around the size of 26px width by 22px height. Now press the “d” key to reset the color palette. Fill your background layer with white and call it “bg”.

step 1
Okay, to begin, let’s start by choosing some colors to work with. We want a light orange and a red. The key is to pick two colors that will blend together well in a gradient. For the foreground color, I used this shade of orange: FFA200, and for a red I used: FF0000.
step 2
Create a new layer and call it “body”. Now select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with a Radius of 2 pixels. Now create a rounded rectangle about 13 pixels in both height and width (hold the SHIFT key while making the shape to keep its height and width proportionate). You should be left with a small shape on your canvas.
step 3
Now click on the Filter button in the Layers Palette and go to Gradient Overlay. Now use settings that look kind of like this. Good, now click on Stroke while you’re in the Layer Style window and use these settings.
step 4
Press the “d” key to reset the colors. Now choose the Brush Tool and use these settings. Create a new layer and call it “eye lt” or something. Now draw in a 1 px line for the left eye. Duplicate this layer (CTRL + J) and call it “eye rt”. While on “eye rt”, go to Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Horizontal, and then drag it over to the right a little using the Move Tool.
step 5
Now create a new layer and call it “brow lt”. On it, draw a diagonal line from top-left to bottom-right, sort of like a back slash (“ ”) over the left eye. (It’s supposed to be like an angry eye brow, just so you know what you’re doing.) Once you get something you like, duplicate the layer, call it “brow rt” and drag it so it’s over the right eye using the Move Tool.
step 6
Cool. New layer time. Call it “mouth”. Now draw some sort of mouth for your smiley. Make it a smile if you want to be devilish, or you could make it a little grin, or have its mouth sticking out or whatever you want. Now use the brush tool and make one.
step 7
Time for the pen tool! I know you all love the pen tool.... Okay, create a new layer “horn lt”. Now choose the Pen Tool and click on the top left corner of your devil. Now click a little above that and to the left a little where the tip of the horn is going to be, and drag your mouse up and to the right. Go it? It’s a little confusing, and you might have to try it a few times as I have. Once you get that, click again where you want your devil horn to end (make it somewhere above your first anchor point but still under where the point is, and maybe to the right a little) and drag your mouse around so it looks like a horn. Refer to this image for help. Now that you have that done, duplicate it and call the new one “horn rt”, and go to Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Horizontal, and then use the Move Tool to drag it over to the right side of your devil.
step 8
Ooh! It’s starting to look like something! wink Alright, what’s a devil without a tail? Create a new layer called “tail line”. Hit up the Pen Tool again and draw a curved line up like this. OK good. New layer call it “tail tip”. Draw a spiky tip to your tail, sorta like this. Sweet....
step 9
Aw, now is that a cute smiley or what? Haha, a devil’s gotta have his pitchfork, so if you don’t settle for less, keep reading. Make a new layer called “pitchfork”. Use the Pen Tool to draw yourself a nice ‘ol pitchfork. See here for help. Now that’s all well and good, but he’s not holding it!! Create a new layer and prepare for making a hand. Instead of black (000000), choose a dark gray color (4C4C4C maybe?) and the Pen Tool on a new layer “hand lines” and make yourself a hand. Keep in mind that this layer needs to be above the layer “pitchfork”! Okay, now create a new layer and drag it under the layer “hand lines”, and rename this new one to “hand fill”. Press “d” to reset the colors and switch them by clicking on this icon on the Colors Palette, so that white (FFFFFF) is your foreground color. Good, now draw in behind your hand so that it kind of fills it in white, hiding the pitchfork behind the hand. Great. Now all we need is an arm, if you feel so inclined! And I bet after reading this whole tutorial you know how to give it an arm yourself, and I could stop writing this tutorial and go to bed. However, I’m stubborn, so keep reading. New layer > “arm”. Use the Pen Tool to draw a straight line from the middle of the hand to the bottom of the body. See, there you go.

This concludes our tutorial on how to make Little Devil Emoticons.
Thanks For Reading.

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