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88x31 Button Logo

step 1
Welcome to the 88x31 Button Logo Resizing tutorial. First off, open up your logo. Product.
step 2
Okay, now analyze your larger logo. Try to predict what you are going to want in your smaller logo. Look at your logo name; if it is longer than around 15-20 characters, you may want to try to shorten it by abbreviating, or making it into understandable acronyms (initial letters of the corresponding words in your logo, i.e. for Tutorial Vision Productions it'd be T.V.P. -- with or without the dots, your choice). Start by copying and pasting the text into the 88x31 button and if there are layer styles, copy and paste those layer styles (by right clicking on the layer in the Layers Palette) as well (however, when resizing the text, the layer styles may seem too bold, dark, or harsh, so you may have to rework them), or you can apply the layer styles to the layer by making a new layer (SHIFT + CTRL + N) and linking the two and merging them together. (You might want to read that step over a few times.... wink ) Product.
step 3
Ok, now all logos usually have 3 main parts. A logo graphic, a logo name, and sometimes they contain a slogan. Now, if you still have room and your slogan is short enough (maybe 2-3 words), feel free to put it in there. Don't try too hard though, most of the time slogans don't fit into 88x31 buttons, so don't be discouraged (as you can see, I did not include the slogan in my button as mine is around 9-10 words so it would only look good on a bigger banner). Product.
step 4
As for the logo graphic, this is a must-have in your button. It's what identifies it from the rest of the text on the page that is displaying it, and it's what sets it apart from the other 88x31 buttons it's most likely sitting next to on a web page. Grab your logo from the larger image, and paste it into the new 88x31 button (if it has layer styles remember to do the same with them as you did with the text). Resize if necessary. Product.
step 5
Well, from here you can give it some funky background (try not to over-do it) like a larger, faded logo, or a nifty gradient. Again, keep it simple and don't make it too flashy or over-done; the background is not what you want your viewer to look at the whole time. Product.
step 6
You may be done, but I recommend you giving it a border. This, again, just sets it apart from the rest of the web page it's on. I gave mine a 1 pixel D9D9D9 border (that's 0 Saturation and 85% Brightness). Product.
Well, there's your button. I hope I've helped. Thanks For Reading.

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