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Professional 468x60 Banner

step 1
To start off, create a new document 468 by 60 pixels big (or you may want to start off bigger and resize down later). Now choose some cool colors. For your foreground color choose a light color like a light blue or green. For your background color choose a darker version of your foreground color, but not too dark. Now choose your Gradient Tool and make a gradient across your document from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner like this.
step 2
Now you've got a basis for your banner. Choose the Pen Tool and make sure your foreground color is white. Make a new layer and make shapes with your pen tool by clicking on any point around your banner (preferably outside the margins of your document- but to do this, maximize the document window in Photoshop) and then make another point outside the margins somewhere, but this time, instead of just clicking the point (because that would make a straight line...) click and drag the mouse over the left somewhere (or something) to make it curve. Finally, make some other points off in the margin somewhere to complete the shape (so it will fill with white). You might be totally lost, that's okay; Iíve made an image that should help you out: here. Product.
step 3
Set this shape layer's transparency to about 20% or something (whatever you think looks best- try like 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 and see what you like most). Product.
step 4
Well, that's all you need to finish your banner; just make a few more shapes. I think I have a total of five shapes. Your options are pretty much limitless. Be creative; maybe make a few variations of the same banner and choose the one you like best. Product #1. Product #2. (Psst... you may want to add some text or a graphic in too....) Final Product.
And there you have it; I hope I've helped.Thanks For Reading.

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