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Watermarking Copyrighted Images

step 1
To start off, create a new (square) document, any size around 500 width by 500 height in pixels with a transparent background. Create a new layer and type some text and color it black. Product.
step 2
Press CTRL + T and hold the SHIFT key and rotate it 45 degrees CCW (counter clockwise) like this. Now make the text bigger so that it fits in the corners (if you want). Product.
step 3
Now press CTRL + A to select the whole document and then press CTRL + C to copy that layer. Now create a new document twice that size (in my case it's 1000x1000 px). Paste (CTRL + V) the text into the new document (it doesn't have to be an editable text layer, just as long as it's there in the new document...). Now drag it over to the top left-hand corner of the screen like so.
step 4
Here is where you learn to use Guides. Go to View > Rulers. Now make sure you have the layer with the text (in the upper left-hand corner) in it selected in the Layers Palette (there should only be one layer... so it shouldn't be that confusing...), and click on the top ruler and drag down to the bottom of the text layer; it should snap into place so don't worry about trying to get it perfect. Product. Now click on the left ruler and drag a guide over to the right side of your document. Product. Now drag a new guide over from the left ruler and snap it to the center of the image. Product.
step 5
Choose the Move Tool. Now hold the ALT key and click on the text in your second document and drag over to the left. Here's where it starts to get tricky: while you are holding down ALT and your left mouse button reach over and press and hold down the SHIFT key (this makes it so that when you drag right or left it will won't go up or down, and vice versa)-- it should duplicate that layer-- move it over so that the right side snaps to the leftmost guide like this.
step 6
Good, now duplicate the second text layer again by holding ALT, clicking (the left mouse button), and holding the SHIFT key (in that order) and drag it over to the rightmost guide like this. Remember you need to be using the Move Tool in order to do this though. Now it's time for some more guides. Click on the left ruler and drag it over to the right side of your second text layer (which also happens to be the middle of your third text layer). Product.
step 7
Now select your Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection here (the red is there to help you... your document shouldn't actually be red). Now go to Image > Crop. Product.
step 8
Press CTRL + D to deselect the selection. Now go to Edit > Define Pattern.... Name it what you will.
step 9
From here it's up to you. To apply it, create a new layer and go to Edit > Fill like this. Then play around with the transparency of that layer. I use a transparency of like 10-20% (if you're not sure, use 15% like I did wink ). You can watermark demo images that you don't want people to save for themselves. Final Product. Thanks For Reading..

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