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Charcoal Line Art

step 1
To start off, find a picture that you want to turn into line art. I found a picture of this little Mini Cooper. Create a new layer and pull it below your image's layer. Fill it with white (FFFFFF). Product.
step 2
Now grab your Polygon Lasso Tool. (Make sure you're using those settings!) Now this part can get a little tedious. Make a selection around your object.... It takes a little while but it's rather easy. Just click around and surround your object. After you get back around to where you started, click on your original point where you first clicked and you should notice a small change in your cursor: a circle should appear at the bottom right-hand area of your cursor; that's how you know that when you click there it will complete your selection. Now click there. Your selection should complete. Product.
step 3
Now think logically. Our selection is around our object. We want to get rid of our background, so we need our selection to not be around our object, but the opposite of that. Luckily, Photoshop can help us with that. Go to Select > Inverse. Now your selection should be the opposite of what it was before, and it should be around your background. Now press the DELETE key to remove your background. Since that part of the layer is now transparent, the white should show up instead! Product.
step 4
Good, now we can start turning it into line art! First, we want to desaturate our image, because line art is black and white. Choose your object layer (mine is the car), and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. Product.
step 5
Now go to Filter > Blur > Smart Blur. Use esos escenarios. Make sure the Quality is High and the Mode is Edge Only. Now set the Radius and Threshold values to whatever you think looks best for your line art. I chose around a 23.2 Radius and a 31.2 Threshold. Now press OK. Product.
step 6
Now go to Image > Adjustments > Invert. Product.
step 7
Now go to Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges, and use the settings that look best for your image. Product.
step 8
Go up to Filter > Artistic > Cutout. Use settings like these. Product.
step 9
You can play around with it some more, maybe go back and try those filters with different settings and see which ones you like better, but you're pretty much done. Final Product. Thanks For Reading.

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