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Deform a Face Pt I: Eye Removal

step 1
First, open up the image you want to deform. I chose everyone's favorite Ashlee Simpson. If there's one face I'd like to deform, it's hers. Product.
step 2
Now choose your Clone Stamp Tool. Note that it's easiest to complete this step if you zoom in a little (I recommend to around 300-400%). Hold the ALT key and click on an area to select a point of origin where you will be cloning from. Choose an area around the eye that matches the skin color and tone of the skin you are replacing the eyes with. Be careful not to select an area that is close to where you are brushing, or you will end up duplicating your image and it will get real messy real quick. Try picking one that has a nice even color tone around it. After you hold ALT and click, let go of ALT and start brushing over they eyes. Go slow, and be very careful. Also, pay close attention to fine detail. If you are unsure of what it's going to look like, then zoom back out and observe. If it looks okay, zoom back in and keep going. This portion is sort of Trial-And-Error. Pick one point, brush around, and if you don't like it, hit SHIFT + CTRL + Z to go back, and try it again. Product.
step 3
After you're done brushing out the eyes with the Clone Stamp Tool, if you want, grab the Smudge Tool. Use the tool's default settings and lightly brush on and around your new skin area (where the eyes used to be). This gives it a smooth look... almost like it's real (creepy...). Product.
step 4
Well, that's about it. Play with it some more, and you'll soon get something that looks good. This isn't hard, but it is a little tedious. Good luck. Final Product. Thanks For Reading..

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