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Solitaire Text Effect

step 1
Welcome to PimpMyCom's Photoshop tutorials. In this tutorial you will learn how to take regular text in Photoshop and apply a set of cool effect to end up with a Solitaire Text Effect.
step 2
Ok lets get this tutorial going, open up a new document with a transparent background. any size will do I will be working with a 400x200. Make a new layer and fill in the background with any color thatís close to white I will be using FAFAFA which is basically white, the effect will work fine on white it just spices it up to use different colors.
step 3
ok now lets put some text on the document any font and any color I will be using the PimpMyCom font with black.

step 4
Ok now we have our text time to apply the effects. Right click on your TEXT layer and click on Blending Options.

Now we are going to click on 3 styles in here. Drop Shadow/Gradient Overlay/Stroke

Now in each style we need to apply different options, please follow the images below for each style.

Now click Gradient and choose a preset

The effect can be done with any preset i will be using this one.

When your done applying all the styles click on OK and your document should look like this.

step 5
Ok now its time to duplicate the layer.. go over the layer in the layer window and click CTRL + J, this will automatically duplicate the layer. Now once you have duplicated the layer once select the move tool and hold SHIFT and drag the layer down just a bit....repeat this step 5-10 times and you will have a end effect like this.

this is how it would look with a different background

you can also move it to the left or right abit and youíll have something like this.
step 6
hope you have enjoyed the tutorial if you have any questions or comments please go to the contact us page and contact me and I will get back to you asap.

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